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The beautiful city of Bellevue finally has the best locksmith service in Washington. Welcome to locksmith Bellevue. Take a look at our amazing services and our unbelievable prices.

The Need for a Real Locksmith

There are certain situations in life that can alter your schedule and make you feel stressed, frustrated or make you lose your temper. Other situations add a feeling of uncertainty and leave you exposed to danger, events that make you feel your life or your family is at risk. Not knowing where your keys are, or thinking that someone might have duplicated them illegally can be examples of this. Locksmith Bellevue understands this need and has made its main concern to satisfy it for our community. Experts at our store can help you by making your environment safer. So you, your family, your house, business and belongings are protected and far from any harm.
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Additionally to safety threats, there are other things a locksmith can help you with. For example, lock-outs are very common, and more often than not, they can alter your schedule for good. This may result in money loss or the loss of profitable opportunities. You might lock yourself out of your car, home or office, so if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to contact a locksmith, do not think it twice: call our store and we will help you regain your peace of mind and get you on schedule once again. Our professionals will find a practical solution to your problem. Our locksmiths work with a great number of products and security systems to keep your home and business protected. We offer consultation to answer all your questions and doubts and give you practical advice as to how to keep your home and business safe.

Why Choose Us

You can put your trust on our professionals. They are specifically coached to make sure that the products we offer and, of course, the final installation both comply with the maximum quality and security canons of the trade. We are a company that´s totally customer oriented, guaranteeing no less than 100% satisfaction and a cost effective service. Verify that only Bellevue Locksmiths manipulate the locks to your home. Before letting anyone get close to your home, business or car locks, always check he is properly attired. Our locksmiths come in an appropriately labeled vehicle with the company logo and can show you all the required credentials before performing any job for you. Remember that this industry demands honesty and the highest moral standards so you can be sure nobody can enter your home without your approval.

Safety & Security

Locksmith Bellevue is a group of locksmiths who have been trained to deal with different situations. We can help you with car lock-outs, house lock-outs, lock changes, lock re-keying, car key replacements, and transponder car key replacements. Additionally, we can help you with mailbox lock-outs as well or mailbox lock replacement and repairs or re-keying. We can help you with cabinets, change your file cabinet lock, or replace it if needed. We can install fresh locks anywhere inside your house for any piece of furniture that needs a lock. We can assist you with your car or house door key extraction. Our locksmiths are able to help you with anything; we consider every possibility in order to prevent any problems. That is why our technicians are fully equipped, with high-tech tools in all of our mobile units. They are also skilled in handling these tools, so they can take advantage of their properties and get assertive, effective and efficient results.
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Automotive Services

Our automotive services include all auto lock-outs, re-keying, transponder keys reprogramming, servicing jammed ignitions, car key making, ignition repair and replacement, and transponder key replacement. Our specialists can deal with your locks and get you out of trouble in a considerably short period of time.

Residential Services

Bellevue Locksmiths can also help you with your residential lock issues. Our residential services provide you with unfailing locks, our response is opportune and our specialists are well-mannered. We offer our service all throughout the Bellevue area twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We can install new locks, repair old locks, change and re-key your locks. We have a vast variety of locks. Some examples are deadbolts, mortise locks, cylinder locks, high-security rim cylinder locks, drop bolts and keyless entry locks. Our products are 100% guaranteed.
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Commercial Services

Our commercial services include different kinds of locks such as electric locks, sash locks, Scandinavian locks and combination locks, so you and your clients are safe from harm. Our service also includes installation, repair, and replacement. We can assist you and set up the best master key systems. We can handle re-keying, re-cutting lost keys, and give you the best service and solutions for your file cabinets. Have you or your company fallen prey to burglars? Have you considered the latest statistics regarding probabilities of a house or business fire? It is important to know when any of these events is in progress so you and the proper authorities can take actions immediately. In order to always be aware of what is happening when you are not present; Locksmiths Bellevue suggests you install burglar and fire alarms which will be monitored 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. We offer alarm systems that can be remotely operated. This way, you can check any alarm activity and activate or deactivate it at will from your desktop or even your mobile device. We also offer a variety of access control options in order to secure your building. You can decide who enters the premises and who doesn’t. You can also control what doors are available and the time people can have access to certain areas of the building. Your doors can be set up so they are locked or/and unlocked automatically at specific times. Locksmith Bellevue has advanced technology to provide you with the safety and control you deserve. We offer you user-friendly access control panels and software; they are very easy to use. We can provide you with Windows®-based applications that allow you to manage up to a hundred doors connected to a network. For ultimate control, we offer video integration that will allow you to link it to the platform and record video in case of emergencies. You can analyze the video frame by frame, it can be downloaded to a removable or portable storage device to be handed out if needed. Access control with integrated video is perfect for your business. It could be used or installed in schools, offices, shops, office buildings, malls, or any place where a door or set of doors must be disabled with a single command. We have other options for you. We are sure we have something that will fit your needs and requirements. We are not strangers to security cameras. We can install the best and most effective video surveillance system for your home or business. You can come to our head office or give us a call and we will come to you with the best solutions, options, and fees.

The Risk of Not Calling A Professional Locksmith

Many people do not like to call a locksmith when they get locked out. They prefer to start tampering with the locks before dialing our emergency number which makes the problem even worse. We find that people like to pump oil or graphite (or both) into their locks. They end up mixing it into a kind of mud that is hard to get rid of later. When you get locked out, you need to have at least three things in consideration: firstly, we are pleased to help. You can call us anytime and we will be there for you to help you out of your problem. Secondly, we are specially trained to unlock your doors. No miracle solution or ointment will open the door for you, and chances are they will make our jobs more difficult and cause us to charge unnecessary fees or make us have to completely change your now worthless lock. If they were real solutions, there would be no locksmiths anymore. Thirdly, call only one locksmith. It is rude to respond to an emergency call and then arrive only to find two or three locksmith trucks already there. Normally, all three leave without performing the job because it is unprofessional. Have all this in mind, and we will make sure you get a top notch job done in no time. Only qualified individuals of proven trustworthiness should be permitted to operate the locks and safety measures of your home. Persons who are not real locksmiths might damage your existing locks and could even compromise your safety. Locksmiths Bellevue all are proficient experts, registered in the Associated Locksmith of America, and proven honesty that´s beyond reproach.
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Emergency Services

One of the best things about us is that we provide a 24/7 emergency service. We are here for you every minute of every day. We will always be able to help you and find a solution to your emergency. Call Bellevue Locksmiths so you can feel safe again. 24/7 Bellevue automotive emergency service consists of ignition repair, broken transponder keys, lock-rekeying, car key making, ignition replacement, lock changing, etc. We will be able to help you because our cars and our specialists are equipped with advanced tools. Basically, they take the entire shop to your car. Our residential and commercial services are not limited to lock installation, repair, maintenance and replacement; we also offer high-tech electronic security, everything for your safes, entry and overhead garage doors for your residential and/or commercial requirements. Should you need to solve electronic security problems, we are here to help you. We work with burglar and fire alarm systems, access control system, and video surveillance systems.
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We address these words to those people who have the feeling that there are some things that should be kept under the most rigorous protection. We are certain we have the best solution for you; a good, high-tech safe is the answer. Safes offer the extra level of protection you need in case there are extremely valuable assets that must be protected from all possible risks. They are used for keeping all kinds of documents and objects stored in. Safes can secure them from almost any event imaginable. They are usually acquired to protect assets at a higher level of access. You can protect your family heirloom, guns, collectibles, commerce or personal financial information, and certificates. There are high probabilities for these objects to get stolen, lost or damaged. It is a risk that comes with acquiring or keeping valuable objects. They can be damaged due to natural events. Disasters related to elements might result in the loss of many of these rare or unique valuable objects. Some natural events that can threaten the wellbeing of your belongings are fires, floods, explosions, tornadoes, and earthquakes. However, keeping them inside a safe that has been specially and carefully designed to endure fluids, heavy blows or chemical substances will increase the chances of saving them. We have at our disposal a vast selection of safes for any purpose and need. You can check our online gallery and see for yourself. Safes can be customized according to your needs and specifications and can have special compartments or drawers to store documents, jewels, guns, etc. Another good thing about safes is that they come in different sizes to allow you to place them wherever you want, or even hide them at the most convenient spot. They guarantee that you and only those you allow having access to its contents. They also keep your belongings from falling into the wrong hands. Bellevue Locksmiths know this and want the best for you. We have at our disposal a wide variety of safes because we care about you. We can provide you with cash safes, data media safes, combined protection safes, documented safes, deposit safes, and armored vaults. We can help you secure your family or business’ most valuable belongings. We offer electronic safes, water resistant, high-security safes, portable compact safes and electronic fingerprint safes. We have available the best brands in many different capacities and peril protection.
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Door Installation Services

Our door installation services guarantee that life in your home runs smoothly and energy is always conserved. That is right. Many people forget the importance of front and interior doors and their role played in how people live their lives inside their homes. A door that does not fit perfectly in the door frame will cause many problems. If a door does not lock properly or smoothly, transit between rooms and important living spaces inside the house becomes hindered as people have to worry about keeping a door locked. It might take only a few seconds to properly lock a slightly out-framed door, but it represents minutes a week or even hours a year. Our locksmiths will always make sure that the transit through your house is done smoothly. And they will fit your door perfectly to their frames, guaranteeing that the energy of your house stays inside. A badly framed door can let the heat escape during cold seasons, or enter during hot seasons. This would be reflected in your electricity bills and would diminish the effectiveness of your heating system or your air conditioning. Make sure you contact our qualified locksmith experts. They can tell you if your doors are working properly and will also give you valuable advice on how to keep an energy and traffic efficient home. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today and start enjoying the most professional locksmith service in the area of Bellevue.
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