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About Us

Welcome to Locksmith Bellevue!

We are a small business located in the State of Washington with over 20 years in service. Our mission is to make sure that your house, your workplace, and especially you, are safe at all times. We have lengthy experience in every area on the security business. Our services cover locks, keys, electronic and automatic systems and more. Our founder, Harry Jefferson, was the force behind our success since he was the one who encouraged us to become a leading business when we started. He moved here in the 80s and saw great potential in the still-growing city of Bellevue. In the 90s, with the renewal of the landscape, a lot of new buildings appeared like the work of magic. The city’s downtown was renewed and new opportunities appeared every day. Having worked in the security business in his youth, Harry decided to open Locksmith Bellevue saying it would be the never resting vigilant of the city’s locks. It was hard at first. His approach was rather new as it included advanced technologies and encouraged prevention above everything else. However, thanks to it he left a unique feeling of assurance in their customers. His business philosophy ended up helping the business grow exponentially, and in ways we could have never dreamed of. Our work can be seen across the city, as we have serviced various official buildings, schools, hotels and more. Our fourth store just opened in October last year, to assure you that we’ll answer your call in no time. Our mission is to ensure your comfort, and we’re pretty good at that. We still consider ourselves new in this old city, but we’re already part of its history. We’ll be there for you whenever you call us.