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Bellevue Locksmith Commercial Services

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Your commerce is very important to you and our community. It is the source of employment and service to many people, and you would certainly like to do anything in your hands to keep it safe. You may start by installing high-quality locks in order to reach your goal. Our Bellevue Locksmith is very helpful.

Locks are important devices used for securing doors, windows, gates, safes and drawers. Your commerce surely needs to be secured, that is why your doors and windows, your safes and drawers, must have the best locks the industry can offer. Depending on your location and the kind of business, the types of locks and security systems will vary. For commercial institutions special expertise is needed. Commercial Bellevue Locksmith have a great number of different locksmith solutions for your commerce.

Commercial venues, corporate buildings, factories, financial locations and government institutions, all have very specific needs that set them apart from regular residential locksmith. Safety solutions for commercial buildings are sturdier and offer greater flexibility as they must deal with larger influx of people, a many more layers of security and permissions, and protect assets that are valuable for many more people generally.

Whether is a shop, educational institution, a warehouse, a big company or a small factory, we will secure it and provide you with quality service. We take into consideration commercial aspects, the company’s requirement and even employees’ needs. Before starting with the process of setting up your company’s security system, our Bellevue Locksmith must visit your venue and study very carefully all your needs and requests in order to provide you with viable and precise solutions. This way our locksmiths guarantee they provide not only effective and efficient service, but also a high quality security system for your business.

For large office buildings, we have at our disposal a large array of CCTV systems with as many cameras and security rooms as necessary. We also offer the most advanced and flexible Intercom systems that would allow fast and reliable communication between departments within a building or other secondary buildings if needed. Our access control solutions include advanced biometric security systems, checkpoints with different levels of access for different times of day. Keyless systems including coded locks and magnetic cards with card generators for visitors. All these systems are designed to keep the structure, personnel and assets safe. It does not matter how complex or how simple your needs and requests are, we will study your case carefully and find the most practical option for you. Our Bellevue Locksmith have the knowledge, the equipment, the experience and the will to assist you and satisfy your every need. Remember that as the head of a company, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees and your clients; we can help you and make it our task to guarantee their security. We are the number one choice in the Bellevue area, your safety is in good hands.

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Ensuring Safety

Ensuring the safety of your company, your employees, your clients and your assets is not always something easy to achieve, however, Commercial Locksmiths Bellevue have the experience, means and determination to do it for you and give you precise advice to help you decide on the best options. We want to help you, our main goal is to provide you with the security your commerce needs. We are trained to deal with any venue size, no matter how big or small the project is, we are up to the task.

You must know that sometimes the success of a business depends on the security it provides to its employees and to its clients. Since we understand that premise, we help you protect your company. We offer our services to all kinds of commercial venues. Should you need the assistance of a locksmith, do not hesitate, call us and we will be at your disposal immediately. We will help you secure your business. We want you to know that your workforces, customers, documents, machinery, and goods are of great importance to Locksmiths Bellevue, we have a wide assortment of options for you in order to ensure their safety. Locking systems for your doors, safes, cabinets and drawers, electronic and biometric locks for all your doors, stockrooms, or cellars are measures we can help you with. We also have access control systems with integrated videos, CCTV cameras for monitoring the whole structure, and intercoms to deny or permit access at will.

For those who still feel some things should be put under the most effective protection, the ultimate solution is a good safe. The extra layer of protection provided by safes, can keep vital objects and documents secure from almost any event. They are commonly acquired to protect identification documents, jewelry, guns, and financial information regarding their business activities, documents related to taxes and legal actions, and property certificates. These objects are not only at risk of being stolen or lost, but also destroyed by the elements of nature, such as fire or water. Keeping them inside a safe especially designed to withstand the elements will greatly decrease the probabilities of losing them, making sure you will still have them in your possession for many years or until you need them. Bellevue locksmith have the largest selection of safes for any purpose you can imagine. They can even be customized to provide special compartments and drawers to store documents, or jewelry. Gun safes come in many sizes as well. You can store your handguns in small but sturdy and nigh impenetrable safes, or you can keep your hunting rifles inside strong and heavily armored lockers. These will guarantee that only you have access to these important objects that can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

If you happen to deal with a lot of cash, we can provide you with cash safes and vaults. We have a large stock of safes especially made for commercial use. They are able to withstand constant use, have a large capacity and ease of access with as many subdivisions as you need. They also protect your valuables, documents, cash and files from burglars and fire incidents. Never leave your most important values unattended.

Re-keying Services

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We also perform rekeying services. If you believe an employee has made a duplicate of one of your keys, or recently had to let go part of your key personnel, you must change your locks immediately. We guarantee that only the new key will work it, while the old keys will not be able to operate the lock. After the lock is altered, Bellevue Locksmith make fresh keys and this process is as simple as servicing a lock. Locksmiths Bellevue are experts, they can change any lock, Scandinavian locks, Sash locks, Euro profile, oval profile, kik lock or built-in combination locks. There really is not a lock that our specialists can deal with. We can duplicate your keys with no major difficulty.

Key losses, key misplacements and broken keys are very common, especially in a business community because there are too many people with duplicates and it is very hard to control. Locksmiths Bellevue recommends to have a series of lock-out scenarios in mind, should any of them arise, they will know exactly how to proceed. Locksmiths in Bellevue have a lot of practice in this field, they have dealt with so many different situations that they are capable of providing you with efficient solutions and will gladly give you some advice on how to proceed in the event of a similar problem and what to do to solve these situations as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We can also assist you with faulty digital locks; they can recover codes easily without wasting valuable time.

In the event of lost, broken or misplaced keys, or faulty digital locks, call us and request our re-keying service or code recovery service. We will arrive shortly and deliver high quality service to retrieve your code and give you as many spare keys as you require in a considerably short period of time. Our fees are really inexpensive and our Bellevue Locksmith are experts.

Additionally, Employee departures can pose different problems for your business or company. One of them is that he could have kept a copy of your most important keys. We recommend that whenever you need to let an important employee go, more so if he or she was in a high confidence position, you must change your locks or at least re-key them. We understand how hard it is to have to take such drastic measures, but it is in your company’s best interest. Your safety, and that of the rest of your personnel, cannot be put at risk. Our experts´ first priority is to ensure you and your assets are safe, and you can continue working without any inconveniences. That´s why we offer precise, fast, reliable and discrete lock installation services to all businesses in the area. You can continue working without interruption because our team will perform the installation of your new locks in a few minutes, providing a new set of keys cut right on the spot. Moreover, the details of the new security measures will only be known to you, guaranteeing complete secrecy and discretion.

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Servicing Old Locks

Other ways to keep your commerce secure is by repairing and maintaining your old locks in good shape. Proper and constant maintenance will help you save money and will rid you of unnecessary inconveniences. Locks, like any other piece of hardware, can wear out, either by misuse, harsh weather, breaking-in attempts, or simply because they are very old and are outdated. All this might result in malfunctioning or/and jamming. Your commerce cannot afford having a door which is out of order or jammed; it might signify losses to the business and slow productivity.

Commercial Bellevue Locksmith offer all kinds of options. We can repair your outdated locks and have them working properly again in no time, your schedule and productivity will be back in track and the safety of your business secured. If you ever have the necessity to repair a lock in your commerce, please call us, our tools and our experts will give you a hand and leave your locks as if they were new. We have plenty of experience; we have dealt with very old locks, always doing a good job. We have worked with 1920s Russwin Locksets, 1930s Montclair Locksets, 1920s Penn Locks and very old Corbin Locks. We are sure we will be able to aid you and service your locks effectively.

Biometric locks, electric doors and access control systems also become old and sometimes need servicing. We also offer maintenance for them at sensible fees. We have everything in mind and we will go wherever you need us to be to do whatever you need us to do. If you need our assistance, we will deliver.

Installation of New Locks

bellevues locksmith comm5 No matter if you just bought an old warehouse or ordered the construction of a brand new office building for your company, you need to make sure you have complete control of the access to your valuable assets. We understand the needs of each customer and the aims of each business model and industry. That´s why our experts specialize in offering advice on how to increase the security in your business, or how to maximize flow and traffic efficiency thought the different security layers you have installed in your premises. Call Commercial Locksmith Bellevue and they will be right where you are in no time, giving you a complete and thorough assessment of all security measures necessary for the proper functioning of your business.

A commercial venue is vulnerable to break-in attacks, so they must have the most up-to-date set of locks for the front and back doors, but also include deterrents in certain points of the building to delay the advancement of anyone trying to reach valuables and information within your premises. However, they must also allow the free movement of your employees inside the building. That´s why the safest and sturdier locks must be combined with the latest access control technologies, so your business runs smoothly and uninterrupted. Visit our store so we can show you our great stock of door and security hardware and meet a Bellevue Locksmith. We have everything you need: high security locks, Keyless locks, panic bars, shipping doors, padlocks, deadbolts, access control systems, and much more.

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Key Cutting and Replacement Services

Maybe you run a business with many layers of security access. Perhaps only you and a handful of your most trusted employees are the only ones who have access to the very heart of the company, and each has his or her own key. These cases will inevitably lead to the loss of one or some of the keys. You don´t need to worry about this common problem anymore. Our experts will show up right where you are and make duplicates on the spot for you. Or you can order as many spare keys you deem necessary. We guarantee that our duplicates will not leave any score or imperfection that might cause a lock to malfunction by getting inside the lock and jamming the pins or tumblers. Remember that this is a delicate issue better left in the hands of experts. Only certified Bellevue Locksmith should be allowed to make duplicates of your keys. Letting unqualified individuals tamper with your locks could result in lock malfunction, compromising the security of your company. And remember to always ask for credentials before trusting your locks to a Bellevue Locksmith. You never know who could be making extra duplicates of your locks.

If you have a problem with magnetic cards or other keyless lock systems, and need to replace the entry units, you can order extra entry units or have them made on the spot by one of our experts. We also offer the service of setting master suites for that extra layer of access control you are looking for. No key will open a lock before you use your master key. This gives you power to decide who enters and when. Keys are also cut right on the spot and tried to make sure they open the lock smoothly.

Other services

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Commercial Locksmith Bellevue knows that you´re already too busy running your company and might not have the time to come by our store. We also know that you cannot trust anyone else the information about the details of your company´s security. At Bellevue Locksmith we offer you the possibility of meeting with our experts at any time of the day you feel convenient, call us to set up a meeting with you so we can discuss all the security issues of your company over lunch. We take the safety of your business and employees very seriously. We are sure we will find something that suits you. You can also check our online gallery beforehand and get some ideas. We will gladly explain everything to you so you are able to choose the most appropriate options. Remember we have technology, good service, trained Bellevue Locksmith, advanced tools, good prices, experience and the will to satisfy your needs.